Purse Making Video DVD Tutorials:

How to Make Incredible Artsy Craftsy Couture Handbags


  • Do you want to make great looking firm bodied designer purses?

  • Are you looking for purse making tips to improve the quality of your handbags?

  • Would you like to increase the value of your handbags?

  • Do you need vivid step-by-step instructions to make Teri Monique styled handbags?

  • Are you considering sharpening your pattern making skills?

  • Would you like to know what materials are needed to create an awesome handbag?

  • Are you tired of your bags looking like a craft project?

  • Do you need to know how to get rid of wonky purse dents?

We answer these questions and more in our new, updated and easy to follow purse making tutorials.

Purse Making DVD Tutorials

Now instead of just settling for a wonky handbag that just doesn’t look good, you could be making your own outstanding handbags within hours. Really! And the great thing about this is you don’t need to have any purse making experience. If you know the basic functions of your sewing machine, you can make our purses.

Here’s what some folks are saying about their purse making experience with us…

Purse Making Testimonials

Designer Handbag Tutorial

  • “I loved the new techniques offered and the new materials used to make better handbags. Now that I know how to make patterns Sew craftsy purses. Student R. Thompson.properly I can design new styles. I also love that I can make my purses different with the embellishing techniques Teri shared with us. I really enjoyed [this] and it’s also very affordable.” Rosilee Thompson


  • “Teri, when I watch the videos, it is like being there with you. Your voice is so calming and you speak so clearly and anticipate any questions I might have. I Structured purse making tutorial- student D. Edwardsunderstand exactly what you are teaching and you make learning easy. Dianne Edwards


  • “Teri Bethel designer bag classes are exciting and informative. She offers a clear and concise; step by step approach to learning the basics of Handbag Making Tutorialsproducing creative and quality designer handbags… I was looking to develop my creative skills and I did. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned novice, you can gain something of value. I highly recommend her classes.”Felecia Walkes


  • “Really enjoyed the purse and painting classes! It motivated me to bring out my creativity and made me go the extra mile. Teri was very Purse Making Student- Francina Micklewhytepersonable and an excellent teacher.” Francina Micklewhyte


  • “I am truly awestruck at the beautiful, dare I say “breath-taking” bags I have been able to create under Teri Bethel’s careful, expert, quiet and positively reinforcing guidance. Both the classes [painting & purse making] and the actual process of constructing the bags has been a most rewarding experience – and the final product has always been simply “incredible”. Audrey Marie DeveauxStructured Purse Making Tutorial

Our easy craftsy bag making DVD tutorials can have you making

beautiful bags in no time with my simple purse making techniques!

Now you can make your incredibly dreamy handbags in a matter

of hours without having to leave your home!

Purse Making DVD Tutorial- Make a Structured Handbag

Hello, I’m Teri M. Bethel, designer of the Teri Monique line of handbags. I’ve been designing and creating structured handbags for a number of years and I am so delighted you are interested in learning how to make our fabulous designer bags.

If you’re thinking…this sounds good but I’m not sure I can do this. Join the club! Most of my students had the thought but pressed in and began making super incredible purses in a matter of hours. Many of them never, ever touched a sewing machine before. Some had already taken other classes but were still not grasping the concepts until they were introduced to my quick and easy to apply techniques. Now it just makes sense and their bags are beautiful!

Are you ready to get started?

Now you can learn my purse making secrets from the comfort of your home…

Purse Making Tutorial- How to make a purse pattern.

How to Make a Structured Handbag (Approximately 3 1/2 hrs. of instruction 2 Discs inside)

You will learn:

  • How to design your purse
  • How to make a balanced pattern
  • What purse materials to use
  • The basic tools you will need
  • Top sewing machine needs
  • How to make a structured handbag
  • How to avoid making a twisted bag
  • How to get rid of side dents
  • The best way to make a firm bodied fully enclosed purse
  • How to attach your fabrics
  • The easy way to bind your handbag
  • How to install purse hardware & more…

How to make a structured purse DVD tutorial

Get your copy now for only $97.95
Click here to buy now!

More Purse Making DVD Tutorials

See: How to Make a Clutch Purse (Almost 2 hours of purse making instruction)

See: How to Make a Straw Clutch Purse (Over 2 hours of purse making instruction)

See: Make Easy Structured Handbag Patterns (Approximately 80 minutes of instruction)


Make Craftsy Couture Handbag- Video Tutorial

Other student testimonials:

Kaye contacted me about helping her to make structured handbags. She was unhappy in her present job which was not paying the bills as she needed. Kaye’s passion was making bags. The problem was she was not good at it. She was self taught and was getting it all wrong and couldn’t get her bags sold.

Her bags were twisted, imbalanced, made with the wrong materials and poorly constructed. She desperately needed help and found it right here with my videos. After taking the Structured Handbag course Kaye realized how easy it was to make the handbags the right way. She began making beautiful handbags within hours.  And you know what the great part of this story is? Her bags began to sell before she could even advertise! So now instead of trying to sell wonky, scary handbags, she is selling incredible bags for no less than $150.00 each and enjoying every moment of it!

Lisa had taken a purse making class before but was missing a few key elements necessary in making a great structured handbag. 

First she learned how to design the bag and make a pattern;  then she was introduced to our amazing materials. Lisa was shocked as most of our students are at how little sewing is involved in making her structured handbag. After several hours of learning the techniques Lisa was able to sell her first handbag for $250.00. Several months later, she received double that amount for one purse! While it’s nice to sell the higher priced items Lisa has learned the art of creating bags at various price points to suit her customers needs. 

Dee never saw a structured handbag before visiting our website. She was intrigued and was determined to learn even though she had never made a bag before. Dee learned from scratch and had a ball creating and selling her custom handbags. Whether you are like Kaye and Lisa and know the basic concept of handbag construction, or if you are like Dee who never saw a structured purse before visiting our site but has learned how to make phenomenal bags, we want you to know that you can do this too!

Now you can access our purse making tutorials on demand,

all day every day for a fraction of the cost.

How to make a structured purse DVD tutorial

About the DVD’s

With our purse making tutorials we focus on creating the Teri Monique style of structured purses, straw clutches as well as fabric clutch purses. This is a process that I have developed over the years, sometimes gleaning information through trial and error but more often just plum making things up out of necessity.

The brilliant thing about this whole scenario is, because I went through the hard times developing this style, you don’t have to. You can piggy back on my knowledge if you are willing to make the small investment of purchasing your DVD’s and materials.  Now you can begin making beautiful handbags. Click on the blue button below to select your Purse Making DVD Tutorial to get started today!

Click here to buy now!

Happy Purse Making!

Teri M. Bethel (Mrs.)



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  1. Hi, this is very interesting, do you have a course here in the Bahamas/or classes one can enroll in here? If you do can you please send the information please…thanks!!!

  2. Inzelet we do not have live classes at this time for the handbags. You get a bundle of information for pennies a day with the online course and you get to watch me make the purses and explain the process as I go. You can choose to make any or all of the purses and watch the videos as often as you like. Happy sewing!


  3. this is very interesting …im i really like to know more about monique terry bag making.

  4. Love to learn how to make a handbag

  5. I was so glad to be directed to your site. Your designs are absolutely gorgeous! I’m new to the art of making designer handbags, however, I’ve been sewing for 30+ years. I’ve found it somewhat difficult to get the facts on exactly where I can find suitable tutorials that actually teaches you a skill. I would like to venture into the area a bit deeper and I believe that I can find the tools needed through your course. Your overview is very detailed. Would it be possible for you to email additional information concerning your tutorials. Thank you….

  6. Thank you Tonnette. I am sending you a direct email.

  7. After the payment can the videos be downloaded. thank you.

  8. Hello Raymond, our videos are available on site only and cannot be downloaded. Payment gives you access to view streaming videos 24/7 at your convenience.

  9. i like this handbag

  10. Hi Teri
    I just purchased the handbag course today, I’m walkin on faith …..excited to learn all that I can.
    What do I want to be when I grow up….. this course will tell. Oh I’m 53yrs old , and I’m always willing to
    learn something new. :)
    Thanks Teri

  11. Welcome Theressa- that’s cute… Well you are on your way to fulfilling your dream! I’ll be with you each step of the way.

  12. wow stunning Handbags!!

  13. Hello Dear Teri, I am fond of handbags. I love making handbags from recycle material. I want to start my own business of handbags. I want to polish my skill by doing your tutorial video course soon.right now i am receiving your tutorials that is free of cost. thank u so much for your guidance. I will definitely do the proper course soon. Busy in saving money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much love and Peace.

  14. Hi Fizza, all the best with your bag making dreams!

  15. I can say I’m sort of obsessed with this site and like I can’t restrict myself from going onto it because I’m so anxious to start some bag classes which I will in time, but until then, I’m just in awe about the work displayed.

  16. We’d love to have you join us Abbi. Check us out on Facebook too to see what our students are making. Enjoy the site Abbi!

  17. Hello Dear Teri, I am amazed to see your stuff. I would like to join full course. Can u plz tell me from where I get the material? Material is the Only issue in making these bags. I am in Sydney Australia.I appreciate if u help me out then I will give a go to join and start Creativity in more productive way.
    I need to show you my new handbag that I finish yesterday.Where I send the pic. Can u send me your email plz.
    Much love and Peace.

  18. Hello Fizza, good hearing from you again. Our materials are given in the course after registration. I’m pretty sure you will be able to find purse making supplies in Australia. I don’t know Australia but after a quick google search I found a number of materials available online. To send pics of your work you can inbox me on facebook.

  19. Hi there, I love your bags and would first be interested in the straw/fabric class. I have no idea where to buy the straw even after a google search. I’m worried about the 30 day access. I buy fabric and supplies online and often must wait 2 weeks to receive it. (I also seem to fumble and need to run out to buy more) Can I get the list of materials before the 30 day access begins?

  20. So glad you popped by and like our handbags. The straw that we use in the class is a product of the Bahamas so I am happy to ship to you as I do to other students. We do not release our materials list prior to taking the class. I have supplies shipped to me from the USA and can get them within a few days so for the most part our materials are quite accessible. Thanks for your inquiry and hope to ave you join us.

  21. hello teri
    This is reshmi…I enrolled for free painting course and I liked It, I would like to take full fabric painting and handbag making course, I saw The full purse class is $49..The full purse course???? How many types are included in it? And what about The material….. please help me…I am in India…no idea about handbag making…and its material….

  22. Hello Reshmi, I’m glad you liked the course. The full course includes access to all of the purse making videos. That’s the clutch, tote, structured and straw. I recommend you starting with the clutch purse class and then move to the others. Buying the full class will expose you to the different types of handbags for a fraction of the cost, so you would save over $100.00.

    Most of my students have never made bags before or even used a sewing machine so I’m sure you can do it. Once registered you will have access to the general materials we use. It is pretty simple and I’m pretty sure you will be able to find the resources in India as you all are very industrialized. For the full breakdown click on the link: http://www.paintwithtexture.com/how-to-make-a-bag/.

    Hope to have you join us Reshmi.

  23. Just noticed that there is an extra 30 days on the tutorials! Just wanted to say “Thanks”!! God bless you!

  24. Hi….I have never sewn or used a sewing machine. Does your tutorial cover how to used the machine or do I need to do a basic sewing class first?

  25. Hello JayBee, It’s not necessary if you are taking the live classes but for the online tutorials you should know the basic functions of your sewing machine.

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