Oct 112011
portable domestic sewing machine

Are you looking for a Sewing Machine for Beginners?

The first thing you can consider when looking for a sewing machine for making a purse is, what level of sewing are you looking at. Is it for fun or are you starting a business? If it’s for just the casual purse making venture then you may want to purchase a good domestic machine. If your sewing pursuits are more on the profit-making side, an industrial machine is highly recommended even if it’s a portable industrial like the one above.

Considering Your First Sewing Machine

If this is your first sewing machine don’t be timid about choosing one with power. After a week of sewing, you will regret buying a powerless machine just because it was inexpensive. In any event, you would want to have a machine that has the power to sew various grades of fabric. Home machines vary greatly in this. The less expensive models are generally a little low on power so they sew very s-l-o-w-l-y.

Domestic Sewing Machine

Though you may want to start with this basic machine as a beginner, you will quickly outgrow it. In no time you would be looking to invest in a more powerful sewing machine. To avoid this frustration it is recommended that you invest in a model that can move. Perhaps even a portable commercial machine is worth considering.

What Kind of Sewing Machine Will You Need?

While you can sew a bag with a flatbed machine (especially totes and clutch purses), a cylinder arm machine allows you to get into places a flatbed dare not venture. You may also want to consider a machine with a walking foot. This is especially handy for sewing painted fabrics as it easily rides over the lumps and bumps without any problem.

What is important is the ability for your machine to have:

  • A good sturdy straight stitch
  • Backstitch or reverse capabilities
  • A walking foot (depending on the type of bags you are sewing)
  • Anything else is a bonus

While these features may be standard on most home machines, many domestic machines have a heap more bells and whistles to offer. The point is, you may not necessarily need all of them to create your handbag. An industrial or commercial machine may be great for speed and heavy-duty stitching but low on the other features unless you invest in the attachments. It’s a good idea to shop around to see the variety of machine available.

My Suggestion to New Bag Makers

When I’m looking for a new sewing machine, I generally check Amazon’s reviews. I also get advice from my local sewing machine mechanic. He’s usually aware of the sturdy and the not so sturdy machines on the market their functions and the availability of parts for a particular machine.

Portable Industrial Sewing Machine for Purse Making

Although most of us would rather have a brand new out of the box machine, you can sometimes find a used or refurbished industrial sewing machine that will last you a lifetime. Industrial sewing machine dealers generally offer warranties on their used machines. So all in all, if you have space, the funds and the desire to sew purses you may just cut to the chase and purchase a good industrial sewing machine or even a portable industrial. Here is a selection of the portables to give you an idea of what machines are available: Portable Sewing Machine

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