Jul 012013

Many purse designers shudder at the thought of making a purse pattern until they see how simple it really is. In their mind it is grueling, technical and requires special artistic training. This is so not the case. Once you have gotten your design idea together it is an easy exercise to begin making your free purse pattern.

Making purse patterns for free.

Benefits of Making Your Purse Pattern

With just a few basic tips, your pattern paper and of course your handy ruler along with a few other basic items you can create a pattern that would last you for years. Among the many benefits of designing the pattern yourself is you get to create the design you see in your imagination plus you hold the master design. Oh, and did I mention you get to save a few dollars doing it yourself.

Because of this you can make any changes, subtle or bold, to expand your handbag line. This means your one basic design can become converted into unlimited designs with just a mere stroke of the pencil. There is one thing you must consider though when making your patterns, that’s ensuring that your pattern is balanced, has smooth edges and has clear instructions or markings on it for persons sewing your bag.

Accurate Pattern Design

A pattern that is uneven or imbalanced will create a purse that looks the same. This means special care has to be taken with the measurements and the cutting. With this in mind we can avoid making wonky bags. While it’s great to dream big with your purse design avoid going over the top with adding too many bells and whistles. Consider what materials will be used in creating the bag. If the design of your bag requires a particular weight fabric, something sturdy and not light and whispy make a note of this on your pattern also.

Now that you know that you can not only make your own purse patterns for free, consider taking the next step and begin sewing your amazing design even if it’s just the prototype.

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