Feb 042011

When purchasing a painted handbag for the first time most people are concerned with how to maintain their gorgeous purse. Care is an absolute necessity with any handbag or painted product. Fortunately, the care of your painted fabric handbag is minimal when it has been painted with the right fabric paints. The use of correct fabrics when painting and proper care is essential  in the extended life of the bag.

Essential to the prolonged life of your handbag is storage in a cool dry area. It is also important to keep the exterior surface of your hand painted handbag free from paper products, cardboard, grease and excessive dust etc.

It is advisable to store your handbag in a loose fitting dust bag or placed in an area that is free from dust, heat and grease. Your work of art should be protected from heavy objects resting on them to preserve the shape. In order to maintain the shape and prolong the life of your handbag it is imperative that your bag is not over stuffed.

I’ve seen many custom painted handbags over the years, that have been kept in immaculate condition by ladies who understand the value of art and truly treasure their collectible.

On the other hand, there have been a few handbags that cried for early retirement. These bags have been used as mules to carry overly heavy objects on a regular basis which have distorted the shape, destroyed leather handles and virtually blackened the interior and exterior of the once beautiful handbag.

If your handbag becomes soiled, avoid a build up of dirt by cleaning with a soft, damp cloth and a small amount of liquid detergent; air dry when complete and store in a cool, dry area. Your hardware could also be wiped to a shine with a soft dry cloth; a little water can be used if necessary but no detergent; dry immediately.

Remember that your painted handbag is a collectible work of art which should increase with value with proper care. Enjoy your handbags ladies!



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