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Do You Need Help Creating a More Organized Work Area?

Not having an organized work area can be the enemy of your productivity. Have you ever tossed and turned in the middle of the night wanting daylight to burst through your home just so you could race to your workroom to create another fabulous design? I just know I’m not alone in that! Our sleep is dotted with vibrant dreams of the next best design to pour from our creative little hands. These ideas have kept us up through the night even though we tried to keep our eyes closed; we were torn between the need for sleep and the desire to create.

And when daylight comes and you finally get past the chores and commitments the new day has brought in, you slip into your studio to find utter chaos. You completely forgot the event that caused you to leave your studio in a mess; not that it makes it any easier to behold. If only you had proper storage to help you to stay organized.

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Who Wants to Face Early Morning Clutter?

Ugh, no-one likes to face clutter first thing in the morning. And your trail of clutter looks like you will need a full day and a mini tractor to clear an area for you to work in; that my friend will sap your creativity. For an imaginative person that’s the same as throwing a bucket of cold water on your passion and calling it quits. You avoid your work area as though it had the plague. Within seconds your fire has smoldered to nothing at the thought of tackling the mess.

So what do you do? Well eventually you will have to tackle it; so sooner is always better than later.  At this point, you probably realize you need a storage cart with drawers. Because the more you stare at the clutter, the more annoyed you will probably get and the less likely you will be to begin working on the fabulous idea you dreamed about all night. In fact, it will backup your ideas for quite some time if you avoid dealing with this issue. 

Storage cart for art supplies...

For that reason you will want to make a conscious effort to remain positive as you clean up the area; lest you toss everything in the bin. To get huffy at this point will affect your ability to flow in the frame of mind that your idea needs to be birthed. And just in case you are one to continually fall into this folly as many of us do; remember the pain of the moment; perhaps then you will take a few moments to tidy up after yourself in preparation for the next brilliant idea.

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  1. Great article Teri. I am guilty of clutter and in the process o organizing again, so that I can spend more time creating more of your lovely and fast selling bags. Keep the tips coming, they are so helpful.

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