Nov 172012
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How Should I Dress For A Product Meet & Greet?

While dressing for a meet and greet or product interview may not be considered a big deal for some people, it is a subject that is worthy of thought.

One of the reasons you will want to dress appropriately is first impressions are lasting. Oftentimes they can make or break a deal. For instance, if you are going to meet with the buyer of a local upscale boutique hoping to showcase your wares in their store you may want to consider dressing the part.

How to dress for your product interview

Just How Should You Present Yourself?

Okay, just for the record I don’t mean that you have to pull out your entire closet and dress like Ms. Hoity Toity. No, but you shouldn’t just rush from your sewing machine and run out in your holey jeans with a sweaty face and hair rollers.

Sound extreme? Well, it’s not. Many business owners, managers, and interviewers are stunned at how people looking for opportunity are given a big “no” before even opening their mouths. Does this mean you should wear a suit? Not at all; but it does mean you should wear an outfit that does not draw too much attention away from your product.

The rule of thumb is to be modest; avoid looking like Ms. Houchie Mama or Ms. Hoity Toity. Even if your product is fabulous it’s quite possible that you will be seen before the product. So don’t clutter the minds of those meeting you with thoughts that overshadow the product you are hoping to sell.


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