Jun 262012

Young Student ArtistDo you have a young artisan in your home but have taken their natural abilities for granted? Perhaps that interest is an indication of sorts of what the future may hold for your young artist. The art field is broad and imaginative including areas such as wall covering design, designs for house wares, furnishing, textiles for garments or even textured surfaces for games. The scope is really limitless.

In some cultures of the world children’s natural abilities are recognized from a very early age and then nurtured. By the time these children are in their teenage years they are considered gifted, special or even talented. Well they may be. But the fact of the matter is they have been exposed to more information in their area of interest and are allowed to flourish in it.

If your child is inquisitive about insects, the environment, or perhaps our solar system and gobble up every bit of information on National Geographic, then that may be a clear indication as to where their interests lie. Chances are they will do quite well in the science field.

Perhaps your child is somewhat like I was; seeing designs in nature, sculpting fruit with a knife or a fingernail; painting, loving colors and doodling with all things creative. If this is the case, then a natural fit for your child’s development may be in the creative arts.

With so many unsavory activities looming in our children’s horizon vying for their attention at every turn, it only makes sense to provide them with the right environment and information. Having this information could steer them on a path to developing their positive interests.

Remember not every child is a mathematician, gymnast, musician or astronaut. One thing is certain though; they were each created with a natural ability, interest or gift that is waiting to be developed. Wherever their natural abilities lie we owe it to them to cultivate it until it reaches full maturity.

Our featured artist, little Ms. Alicia Carroll has not only grasped the texture painting techniques within five days of painting lessons, but has applied them to shells and her custom handmade pencil cases. Alicia accompanies her mom Ms. April Martin to craft shows where she sells her works of art.

Not only has learning how to paint with texture on a variety of surfaces stimulated Alicia’s creativity, I think it’s safe to say that it has also stimulated her desire to be a good business woman as she plans her projects, determines her prices and negotiates her sales in the market place. Well done Alicia!

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  1. Nice story Teri and you are so on point when mentioning all of the unsavory temptations vying for our children’s attention. I know that is certainly true here in the United States. I have been asked by one of the neighborhood captains, to conduct art/craft classes for children in one of our central city community parks. The sessions will be held on Wednesdays for the entire month of August. The classes will give the participants an opportunity to explore their creative sides, as did Alicia.

  2. Now isn’t that a wonderful opportunity to positively impact our kids. Congratulations Dianne!

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