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paint textureDornell’s is a quaint island store nestled in Govenor’s Harbor , Eleuthera, a stone’s throw away from Cupid’s Cay, hailed as the Bahamas’ first capital city. From the outside, Dornell’s beckons passersby to stop in to have a look around. Once in the store, a rush of color comes at you. From the ceiling to the floor, the cutest souvenirs are displayed on reclaimed wood found on Eleuthera’s beaches and canvas to name a few surfaces. Almost immediately one feels as though you have been embraced and welcomed into the store with the signature hospitality and love experienced in the islands.

The artist, Mrs. Dorothy Neely-Rahming was not in at the time of my visit but her warmth and energetic personality spilled from the artwork that laced her store. Art isn’t new to Mrs. Rahming, a retired teacher; she has been dabbling in art for some 25 years. So when the opportunity presented itself to participate in a texture painting class, Mrs. Rahming didn’t have to think twice about it; she was on board.

For the first half hour of class it appeared that Mrs. Rahming struggled to get her head around the concepts shared. It was just too easy. As an artist she was used to employing more technically challenging techniques. After setting her concepts aside Mrs. Rahming began pushing out the most amazing textured designs ever. She got it—not just the technique but the vision for integrating the new skill with her personal artistry. Now instead of the beautiful, flat designs, Mrs. Rahming’s fish, landscapes, houses and flowers will have texture and depth.

To walk past her workstation and see her work in progress makes you want to reach out and touch her signature hibiscus, which incidentally looks like a large piece of candy just waiting to be bitten into. Because she is a woman of detail and believes in following instructions to the T, Mrs. Rahming’s beautiful tropical fish now “pop”.

Asked how the texture painting as impacted her way of painting, Mrs. Rahming’s countenance lit up. She is absolutely delighted with her new skills and cannot wait to experiment on various surfaces. She has always wanted to make her art more dimensional and now she is equipped to do it.

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  1. I am truly enjoying these personal stories that you’ve added. You are an amazing lady Teri!

  2. Thanks Dianne- but I can’t take all the credit; I think my students are amazing and you all pull out the best in me.

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    Hey Dianne,YOU GO MISS! Congrats !its like we can’t stop ha! Teri u have given birth to MONSTERS!

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