Mar 042013

Measuring for LiningThe ultimate handbag class is a place in your home where you can pop a DVD in the player to learn a skill for pleasure or profit.

Its where you can relax and let your creativity fly off the handle while you have fun creating your purse. What most people enjoy about these kinds of classes is they fuel your creativity without anyone looking over your shoulders or even getting lost in a large class room setting. Most of all it equips you with a skill. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about being graded because you’re doing it for you.

How liberating! No school bells or final exams and the like. Learning is finally fun. Learning how to design and create your handbag is like dreaming up your favorite recipe and having the opportunity to spice it up as you cook. You know; change a little thing here and there until you finally get what you were hoping for. Now that’s a sweet pot!

So you learn the techniques; which are important; but it is in no way comparable to brain surgery. Once you learn the basic techniques and principles, making bags is like walking and chewing gum at the same time. You really don’t have to think about it too much you just do it.

One of the key elements in making your handbag is choosing the correct materials. It’s important to make a quality product; even if it is not a high end product. Your finish work should always be top notch. Your reputation as a bag designer could very well fall apart just as quickly as a poorly made bag and then you’ll only have your old grandmother making a pity purchase.

Buy good materials; take a class with someone who takes the time to teach you. DVD’s or online classes are best because you get the individual attention that is needed to understand and apply the techniques without having to wait half of the class session to get one question answered.

And finally be willing to make the investment of time and money to make your dream of making beautiful handbags a reality. You will appreciate what you invest in a whole lot more and have a great sense of pride in what you have accomplished.

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