Testimonial- Felecia Walkes


Teri Bethel designer bag classes are exciting and informative. She offers a clear and concise; step by step approach to learning the basics of producing creative and quality designer handbags. I’ve been attending her class for a couple of months now and I have produced a variety of designer handbags that have gotten the attention of my peers and clients.

The small class size almost makes it like having a one on one instructor. There are no more than three students at a time, each at different stages of artistic development, and Teri goes around the room giving individual demonstrations and instruction which allows you to move at your own pace.

Teri is unique in that she teaches art (designing) in a very systematic and logical manner. You learn about fabric, color, pattern making as a designer in her class. Teri also has a warm sense about her and from my perspective is very good at teaching the techniques that would help any designer to enhance their craft.

I was looking to develop my creative skills and I did. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned novice, you can gain something of value. I highly recommend her classes.

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