Testimonial- Audrey Marie Deveaux


Painting With Texture and Bag Making…Awesome!

“You didn’t make that!” “Did you really make this from scratch?” “This is so beautiful! I didn’t know you could do this kind of thing!”

Not very complimentary words, but they were sadly, the initial reaction of many of my family members and friends at first glimpse of the truly amazing creations that now adorn my sofas and table tops.

Almost three months ago in response to an email from BAIC’s Mrs. Pamela Deveaux, advising that (another) craft class was being offered; I found myself in a classroom at the CV Bethel High School enrolled in my fourth and undeniably the very best, BAIC sponsored class. On the first evening of the “Painting With Texture” class; after viewing the exquisite examples brought in  by the instructor, Mrs. Teri Bethel, I knew that I would not be able to master the technique because “I could not paint”.

Four classes later – I had subsequently enrolled for some one-on-one tutelage with Mrs, Bethel. I am also truly awestruck at beautiful, dare I say “breath-taking bags I have been able to create under Teri Bethel’s careful, expert, quiet and positively reinforcing guidance. Both the classes and the actual process of constructing the bags has been a most rewarding experience – and the final product has always been simply incredible.

I would encourage persons to enroll in one of Teri Bethel’s classes, you will be amazed at the “untapped talent” within you just waiting for Teri to help unleash.

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