Jun 132011
Making a Straw Clutch

4 Part Video- 49.04 mins.Watch this demonstration of how to make a straw clutch purse… from pattern design to completion. This is a must see video if you want to design your own handbag. A straw clutch must be the ultimate year round purse! It’s definitely something that can be dressed up or down and it’s a purse you can […]

May 302011
How to Paint a Leaf

Video- 16:06 mins. Okay this is a simple as it gets…even though it looks as though I toiled for hours. You could be painting this leaf in a matter of minutes- no kidding! This video shares the basic techniques in painting single and multi-color leaves. Use this technique as a stand-alone design or place along with your favorite flower design. […]

May 212011

In painting on fabrics the basic elements of design are what will really help you to compose your work of art. These are somewhat important to have in the back of your mind as you paint. While I don’t approach fabric painting with any degree of strictness, the six components or elements in design are certainly good for you