Nov 232013
Painting Fabric for a Purse

3 Part Video. Approx. 60 minutes. I’ve been told that our painted purses look times better in person than a picture. But here’s the scoop- it’s even times more fun creating them than looking at the pictures too. So if you want to have fun painting your designs and of course watch your customers lovingly gawk at their new painted […]

May 292011
Developing Textured Designs

3 Part Video-  67:07 mins. Learn how to paint two different floral designs here. This is where you will learn to put basic design elements together to create your awesome designs. First to create and then to give it an aged look. Take a peek if you like but if you haven’t gone through the basics yet you may want […]

May 212011

In painting on fabrics the basic elements of design are what will really help you to compose your work of art. These are somewhat important to have in the back of your mind as you paint. While I don’t approach fabric painting with any degree of strictness, the six components or elements in design are certainly good for you

May 212011

to begin with it is always best to keep your themes simple. This goes hand in hand with design composition; the bottom line is that you want to make some visual sense. A confused presentation makes the person looking at your work feeling somewhat confused and unable to enjoy your work and even less inclined to purchase it.