Oct 112011

frustrated sewerOh I feel you on this one. I thought my sewing machine was crazy and was trying to ruffle my last nerve. How many times I wish someone heard my cry for help as I learned how to sew my purses. Turns out I just wasn’t crying out or searching for assistance in the right area. If you feel like I did take a deep breath you came to the right place.  So here’s what I can tell you:

  • Relax- chill, do not get so uptight; it takes the joy out of your work.
  • Emoting isn’t helping you figure this out any faster so you might as well be at peace
  • Learn to laugh even if the thread keeps popping and the needle breaking.
  • Someday you will look back on these days and smile.

Anyway, those constant nagging thoughts and visions of you throwing the sewing machine out the window will soon pass. So calm your nerves put it down and step away from the sewing machine. Despite your frustrations you don’t need sewing machine counseling. Like I said it will pass.

Well it will you know as soon as you take your time to read the manual and see if you have the machine threaded properly. That one got me for a long time. And since I’m confessing, I might as well tell you, I used to put my needle in backwards and wonder why the machine wouldn’t work.

Our challenges are usually very easy to remedy if we would take our time, back track and see if we’ve gotten our machine set up correctly. Most of the home machines are color coded to help you through the process. And just in case you didn’t know there’s usually a trouble shooting section in the manual too. This and online searches usually helped when I got tired of disturbing my husband. He would just reach for the manual or Google the problem anyway; my sewing machine’s problem that is.

If you are still having difficulties, your able sewing machine mechanic is probably just a phone call away. He can guide you through over the phone or pop over to see how he can best assist you. I can tell you from years of experience that it is usually something so simple that you kinda get annoyed for not seeing it yourself.

Here’s a helpful tip for you. When the mechanic comes, watch him work and ask questions. Don’t go to the kitchen to take care of the dishes just yet. That way you won’t have to call him every time your thread breaks or you need to change a needle.

If you’re sewing with an old dinosaur you may want to consider upgrading to a more futuristic machine; one that can at least reverse. For the novice, I mean stitch backwards.  But to be truthful for sewing purses you don’t need all the jazz and pizzazz. You don’t have to throw out the old World War 2 sewing machine your great-great grandmamma left behind, but you may need to get some help with one of the newfangled models on the market if you hope to produce at a faster rate.

You simply need the basic functions to construct your purse. It doesn’t hurt to have the bells and whistles handy if you like gadgets or want to add a funky little spin to your work. But don’t let it overwhelm you; start simple, it’s definitely less stressful for you, your family and the cat.

Listen, the next time you encounter these frustrations calm down, walk away and check out your manual. You know the manufacturer always has the right operating instructions for his creation. 

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