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Featured Designer Sarah of Echoland Bags Sarah at Echoland Bags

Meet our Featured Designer Sarah Defibaugh. Sarah calls herself a one-woman enterprise who has an obsession with chic fabric and unique handbags. Scroll down to read Sarah’s story and you’ll see what has her producing these gorgeous bags.

Artist/Designer: Sarah Defibaugh

Our visitors would love to know where you are from? The USA

Where are you currently living (country)? The USA

What is your product’s brand name? EchoLand Bags

What products are you featuring? Handbags

How can customers purchase from you offline? I had some bags for sale in a local seasonal shop this fall {Emmett’s Orchard}.

What is your online product link?

Will You Make Custom Goods for Your Customers? Yes–customers can request particular fabrics and can customize certain aspects of their bag!

What is the price range of your product? $14.00-$54.00

How Long have you been creating your product? I opened my shop in July 2012.

How did you get started in this field? One of my first sewing projects as a kid was this awesome 80’s pink lace sleeping bag for my doll, so I guess you could say that bags have been my thing for awhile.  Currently,  am obsessed chic fabric and designing really useful, functional, bags that are totally unique.  Opening the shop has given me the opportunity to connect with SO many amazing people (like you!).  The name of my shop is a shout out to my grandparent’s farm in Canterbury, CT. They have both passed away, but I love that their legacy lives on.  Oh, and creating my own designs gives me the freedom to name my bags after my friends, which is also super fun.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to work at something I absolutely love to do!

Sarah, our visitors would love to hear more about your experiences. My sister-in-law had her custom EchoLand diaper bag with her in the hospital when she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  As she was being wheeled back to recovery, the nurse complimented the EchoLand diaper bag.  My brother, a new father for the first time, decided to launch into a whole narrative about my business and how all of my bags are handmade and unique.  It may have been the painkillers talking, but my sister-in-law thought it was hilarious that my brother was so into custom diaper bags.

How should interested persons contact you for your amazing products? Contact me on facebook or

Your designs are fabulous & show great promise, where would you like to see your products in the future? I’d love to see my bags sold in small boutiques. 

We wish you the greatest success with your business! Thank you!!!

Okay so now that you’ve met Sarah, give her a quick visit at and tell her how much you enjoyed  meeting her. Don’t forget to mention that you saw her amazing handbags here on

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  1. I love Echoland! HUGE fan of Sarah’s work and we are teaming up and working closely together on a collaboration. Very excited and happy to see Sarah featured here – she deserves it!

  2. I’ve seen many of Sarah’s bags up close and personal—-they are as beautiful as they look! Her willingness to do custom bags is a big plus—-if you see one you love and someone else snatches it up, well, there you go—-request another!

    My favorites for gifts are the wristlets—I have one that I put into my larger bag and pull out (holds cards, phone, keys, and more…) to run a quick errand. So glad she is getting exposure…

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