May 192011

In the 70’s I vividly recall the fashion prints with the beautiful bold stripes. The Rugby Jersey’s had them, so did our blouses and even top designer blazers…they seemed to be everywhere. They were splashed across magazines and of course the mega department store catalogs. One of my favorites was the thick horizontal stripes in navy blue and white; a classic for sure.

Some fashion elements seem never to fade in their stylishness; I believe stripes must be somewhere at the top of the useful design elements list.  Whether you are creating a floral design or a mixture of several design elements, adding stripes can be quite an interesting resting spot in your design.

To create stripes you can wing it with a flat brush and a steady hand or you can go for a more precise look by using painter’s tape. Follow the instructions below and you’ll be painting remarkable stripes with ease.

Step 1.

Apply a generous amount of fabric paint to your surface. With your brush spread and cover the surface as though you are creating a smooth background. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 2.
Determine how far apart you wish to have your stripes. If precision is required use a ruler, measure and mark out exactly where you would like to place your stripes. Draw light lines in a concealed area so that your markings do not interfere with the design. Connect your tape to each of your top and bottom points. Firmly place the painters tape in the position you would like to have your stripes.

Step 3.

Paint over the areas that do not have the tape. Carefully remove the tape from the fabric while the paint is still wet if you are using dimensional paints; with non-dimensional paints the tape can be removed after it dries.

Voila! You have just created a set of beautiful stripes. Now if you want it to pop you can outline your lines with dimensional paints.

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  1. I love you purses. I have just begun making a few purses, but before now I had only made one clutch purse for myself years ago. Recently it’s just been in my spirit to make purses, thing is I am under a heavy load of debt right now and behind in everything. I won’t be out of debt until about August of next year as far as I can see right now. You’ve probably are wondered why I only look at the free stuff and that is why, but for sure I want to take your painting class and the structured purse course also, but I just can’t right now. You will be hearing from me next year to take your courses if the Lord allows. For now I just have to stick to making earrings. I can’t wait.

  2. Enjoy Mary. Look forward to having you whenever you are able to join. Many of our students have not only been able to pay for their classes but are selling purses beyond their expectations. After 6 hours of the live clutch class, one student took orders and sold 10 purses (she had no sewing or experience before taking the class), another student has sold several clutch purses and is now selling the larger structured purses she made with painted fabric for $250.00 each. So you see it is doable; and those are just example in the past week or two. We’d love to have you join us whenever you decide.

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