Jan 172011

Paint on Clothes to add zip to your wardrobe

This is an exciting topic for those of us who like to paint clothes and add a bit of zip to our wardrobe. Painting on clothes is not new but there are new styles and techniques evolving on a regular basis. Creating wearable art is a wonderful way to express your style and personality by applying it to your wardrobe.

Learning how to paint clothing with fabric paints creates permanent wearable art; a good paint will not crack or fade when washed. In fact, with proper care you will enjoy your painted garment for many, many years. So a great tip is to use solid fabric paint; and there are many out there. Tulip  and Jones Tones have a wide range of soft and dimensional paints you may want to consider.

Why Paint Clothes?

Have you ever owned a really special shirt and realized one day that you got a permanent stain on it? Well, throwing away soiled clothing can become a thing of the past with your new painting skills. Instead of tossing, you can now gloss up that top with a lovely flower or even a great abstract design with clothes paint.

Or do you have a really bland outfit that could use a touch of life? You may not wish to cover an entire garment with paint but how about the collar and the cuffs to go along with your favorite hat? Creating wearable art has endless possibilities. The truth be told, you can create and expand your wardrobe for a lot less by creating your own wearable’s whether you sew or purchase blank clothing for painting.

There is absolutely no rocket science technology involved with fabric painting. Sure, there are a few guidelines you need to follow to ensure that your art remains on the clothing but apart from that, with a few tips and techniques you are well on your way to creating fabulous wearable art.

Painting on Jeans

The key to painting on your jeans is using the right kind of paints also. Typically you would want to use soft non-dimensional opaque fabric (clothes) paints. This is important because non opaque paints would soak into the fibers (unless it is a white pair of slacks) and virtually drown in the dark colors. Opaque paints remain vibrant even after many washes. Be creative with bold strokes and colors or subtle with soft rosettes and leaves; whatever your style there is a great sense of satisfaction wearing an outfit you created.

Before you go to splashing your color, ensure that you have taken the necessary precautions of placing a piece of wax paper between your fabrics. This will prevent your paints from bleeding through to the other side of the pant leg. Also, check the instructions on your paint container for making your paint permanent. Some fabric paints do not require heat setting.

Painting for Kids

Whether you’re on a tight budget with those fast growing kids or you simply wish to dress them in your awesome creations. Purchasing paintable blanks is easy; buy them individually or by the dozen. Try buying a few cotton tees or a few onesies if it is an infant you’re designing for and begin creating your cute designs.

You may even want to add some color to those little canvas tennis shoes too with the same paints; just to jazz up their outfit a bit. Remember though, when designing for kids, use non-toxic water based paints.

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