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  1. Hi, i really interested the way you’ve done with all the design. But im thai,and of course i won’t understand everything you said. So how can i do,? And how do i have to pay?.and what i will get after. I mean how many month to take un till i could be able to make it?
    well, i tired to register, but dose’nt work.
    Ps. ill got a lot’s of question,.. but i do really interesting for this..

  2. Hello Srisuda,

    Thank you for your interest. Registering is easy- scroll down until you see the blue clickbank link. Click on it to pay & register. You will have immediate access. The amount of time it will take you to paint? …that depends on you. If you want just the basics, then perhaps one month would be fine. If you want to really create the best designs then several months with practice will also be a great thing. We have new videos released regularly. There are loads of videos and tutorials to help you along.

    Even if your English is not perfect, based on your writing I’d say you would understand very well and of course just watching the videos will teach you so much. The tutorials are written in standard English but there is a Google translator on the sidebar if you need to translate the content to your language.

    Looking forward to meeting you on the inside. I’m looking forward to sharing my painting techniques with you.


  3. I am interested

  4. Hi Teri ,
    I’m having trouble getting into all of Painting video’s, can you recheck why I’m receiving the message Members Only .
    Thanks ,

  5. Hi Theressa, which videos are you unable to access?

  6. Hey Teri ,
    I’m getting a Non-Member error on all the Painting video’s and articles now for some reason? Do you think you can reset me.
    Thank you

  7. Theressa I’m sending you a private email.

  8. Whi teri,im getting a message sayinv i need to update my flash player and it says click HERE to update but i cant get to the page.but i instal a next fladh player but i still cant access videos at all.

    Can you reset me

  9. Hi Kristel, you need to update the flash player. That’s not the site; that’s your computer. So when that comes up you need to allow it to update. It should be free. Call me if you have any questions.

  10. Live in Georgia… Do you have online courses and/or video. The videos noted on your site are not accessible

  11. Hello Tonya, thank you for your interest. We are a membership site so you would not have free access to our videos. We do have new dvds coming out soon however. We can send you a note when they become available.

  12. I’m not looking for free access. There is nowhere on this site to sign of for a membership. How do I sign up for a membership. I would like to purchase the videos you are currently advertising.

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