Jun 162012

WhoevMake bagser thought you could make a designer paper bag for everyday use.

When the word “paper bag” is mentioned, perhaps one of the first things that come to mind is the typical brown paper bag merchants package their products in. But that’s not the kind of bag I am talking about today. I’m talking about a snazzy, fun purse that can be made from paper. To make these kinds of bags it takes a bit of stepping out of your comfort zone and allowing your creativity to flow. It is just another way to make your DYI handbag. Handbags can be made of virtually any material imaginable. Well you know what I mean, there’s just a whole heap of stuff you can use to make handbags with or simply use for the outer covering.

Bags made of recycled materials and turned up a notch with interesting embellishments really make a fascinating conversation piece. The traditional materials are wonderful and we do not need to let go of them; but that’s not to say we shouldn’t embrace a few new concepts either. Bringing the old with the new can be an exciting blend.

Make a bagIn my texture painting class, students are taught initially to paint on paper before moving to fabric and other surfaces. Most of these papers can be used for making purses. In essence it’s a way to pay tribute to your art. Unless you are planning on framing or tossing the papers in the bin, there are some other alternatives for these works of art. Of course since my skill is making unusual handbags it’s a natural fit to produce the handbags with artistic papers.

With these wonderfully textured papers it is easy to create the ultimate “paper bag”. Not only is the process fun but it can actually be quite ingenious when you add a few more snazzy materials to really make your trendy fashion accessory “pop”. So save your fabric for the inside and consider using your painted papers on the outside. Or blend the two as I have done in this clutch purse.

The outcome: one gorgeous handbag you could be proud of. So what materials do you have lurking around your home that can be easily converted to an amazing handbag? 

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