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Teri M. Bethel


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  1. Teri, I am confused. I thought I was getting a free video so that I could decide if this course might be right for me.
    Nana Lynn

  2. Hello Nana,

    We have a free ecourse which is sent to your email when you register for it. Within the ecourse you will be able to see a video demonstration. We also have a number of demonstrations on youtube. Regards,

  3. Hi Teri, Hope all is well. I am trying to view the cluth videos on my tablet,but I am
    Unable to do so.I’m logged in as you can see since I can leave a message. please
    advise I normally view the videos on my laptop. I want to take my lessons with me
    so I brought a smaller device.Let me know what I can do thank you.

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