Mar 282013

Shabby Chic HandbagIf you are looking to learn how to make a handbag or how to install decorative handles to your purse then this is a good place to be.

How easy is it to make an incredible handbag? Well easy enough! A few pieces of fabric, gorgeous handles that actually make you look like a genius designer, a little time and of course a sewing machine are the major components.

For years in certain circles the rage design has been shabby chic. You know when you take something that is in perfectly good condition and usually new, to create an aged look. Another word I guess you can use for this style is distressing or burnishing. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a style that is here to stay.

That said, we’ve taken our gorgeous fabric and distressed it somewhat to make an extraordinary tote bag. Apart from the fabric and the simple structure we chose to use a pair of unique handbag handles. Sure you can use the fabric handles but why not give the decorative handles a try? They are quite appealing to look at and they add value to your handbag.

I thought I would share a little clip with you to inspire you to take your totes to a new level with painted fabrics as well as fabulous handles. So take a moment to view this video….enjoy!

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