Mar 102012
Working smart not hard

Are You Ready to Work on Your Dream?

Having you ever had a dream that lingered in your heart and mind for some time but you didn’t have the get-up and go needed to kick start it into action? Some of us really spend a lot of time pondering but not enough time working our dream. Just thinking about the work it would entail seems to drain the energy you mustered to get to the “I can do this,” position.

Working Smart vs. Working Hard

We don’t have to be so skittish when it comes to working our dreams. Most of us were conditioned to believe that hard work was key to surviving the week. If we didn’t sweat, have our faces made up as an expression of our efforts and run around like a lost chicken day after day; we didn’t feel as though we put in a good days work. Fortunately, we can jump off that wild merry-go-round and pace ourselves for working to have better success and enjoying the process. 

A key component in working smart is to be organized. Have a plan and make an attempt to stick to it. Before the end of the day, make a list of the things you need to get done the next and following days. The Pareto principle is not a new concept but it is certainly a wise one. A simplified way to interpret it is to focus your efforts on the most important tasks you need to accomplish; this generally falls under the 20% category. When you take care of the 20%, the remaining 80% generally takes care of itself.


Management by Crisis

Don’t wait until you have to manage by crisis; this is a turn off to your staff and customers. Some people seem to get a rush of excitement when they are under the gun to produce. They wait until the last minute to work on something that could have been done a long time ago. The result is stress and inferior results which lead to a poor reputation and loss of clientele. The remedy for the dilemma is proper planning. In some instances people rush out of habit and lack discipline; other times it’s a lack of manpower. In any case, the client is interested in the bottom line; sad stories and excuses are no longer acceptable.

Are You Keeping Existing Customers?

It is far easier to keep an existing customer if your products and services are good. Successful business people know that it is also cheaper to continue selling products to the existing customer rather than having to market to the new prospects. So it just makes sense to treat your customers well by offering great products with the best possible attitude. The ‘take it or leave it’ attitude should be a thing of the past. Buyers are becoming wiser and are choosing who they spend their hard earned money with.

With the world economy in the state that it is in, we can certainly do our part making our work more enjoyable, productive and financially successful by working smart. 

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