Apr 092012
Armed with a passion for creating handbags with an exotic twist, Harbor Island’s hair stylist Christine Johnson closed the doors to her business for the week to invest in what could very well be a booming second career. Born and raised on the island of Long Island Christine grew up seeing family and friends create amazing products using straw plait. Though the call to craft wares with the island’s prized resource seemed unavoidable, Christine had no interest in the trade.

That was until three years ago when she took a bold step in signing up for a straw craft class. Since then the handbag bug has bitten and Christine is now designing original purses. Some would wonder why she would enroll in the texture painting classes. It seems that without it Christine was doing quite well. Yet there was a desire for more, she was willing to invest in any worthwhile skill that would propel her handbags to new heights.

Christine found what she was looking for in a texture painting class that was taking place in Savannah Sound, Eleuthera. It meant closing the doors to her business but that was a small investment for what she knew was to come. And come it did. By the end of the first night Christine had mastered the basic techniques of painting with texture. She quickly learned how to paint a leaf with dimension, dynamic abstract designs and the ultimate textured flowers for application on a variety of surfaces.

It was evident that for Christine this was not just a casual class to stockpile on the list of her class arsenal. She was in it to learn the techniques that would provide her with a skill to take her products to a new level. Within a mere five days Christine claims that what she has been exposed to has given her a renewed vision for where she can take her designs.

With her course certificate in hand and a host of texture painting techniques, Christine is now producing fabulous, original handbag designs from her studio in Harbor Island. So if you’re visiting Harbor Island and you’re interested in an authentically Bahamian handbag, C.J. Creations just may be exactly what you are looking for.

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  1. Thanks so much! I really enjoyed my time with u and the others and your are so right about my push to do more.i look forward to excelling even more.

  2. I’m also looking. Forward to bring you to Harbour Island for a class,soon.thank u again for Expertise!it was worth every breath and energy it took to complete the session. Cj,Creations.


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