Sep 202011

I already know itIf you are interested in knowing how to make handbags or being the ultimate  handbag designer, here is a bit of helpful information for you. How many times have you heard someone say “I know” and you knew that they really didn’t know. In fact they didn’t even allow you to finish what you were saying before they tacked on the “I know.”

Some adults actually come back and say- “I thought you were saying…”  Or how about the teenager! If you’ve ever raised one you would have heard the “I know” more times than you may have liked to hear. As parents you wonder when will they ever grow out of the “I know” mode. If my Mother reads this she would probably nod her head as she remembers me and my siblings and say, “Oh, how I know.”

The “I know” attitude is like a silent killer that blocks people from really taking hold of the many opportunities to learn.  Saying “I know” but it really isn’t so is a quick and easy way to sap your opportunities for growth and development and push away those who may have been assigned to help you achieve your dream.

So it is with the unteachable designer or student who has adopted the “I know” bug. This mindset is by far one of the quickest ways to cut off the flow of any helpful information coming your way. If in fact you would like to know, perhaps it is better to say, “I would really like to know.” Until then, let’s try to listen and learn so that we really can develop our talents and take our products up a notch.

Listening to what others have to say regarding handbag design may just hold one simple little nugget that could propel you into the success realm of your dreams. You may not always agree with the speaker but just in case they may have something that would be beneficial to your product development, approach your listening as though you’re eating fish…eat the meat and spit out the bones. 

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