Oct 022013

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Meticulous is a great word to describe Francina Micklewhyte  when it comes to creating her handbags. After only a few weeks of making purses, D’Cina handbags looks as though she’s been at it creating purses for years. D’Cina’s product range is wonderfully creative from basic fabric totes to custom painted purses.

Our visitors would love to know where you are from?

Where are you currently living (country)?

What is your product’s brand name?

What products are you featuring?

How can customers purchase from you offline?
Lemongrass Designs or 328-4958

What is your online product link?
francinamicklewhyte (facebook)

Will You Make Custom Goods for Your Customers?

What is the price range of your product?
$50- up

How Long have you been creating your product?
4 weeks

How did you get started in this field?
I took purse making classes at Lemongrass Designs. 

Our visitors would love to hear more about your experiences.
When I made my first bag and got so much positive response I felt like a kid with a big ice cream cone and lots of candy. This motivated me to push harder. 

How should interested persons contact you for your amazing products?
Phone, Email: francinamicklewhyte@gmail.com, facebook or Lemongrass Designs

Your designs are fabulous & show great promise, where would you like to see your products in the future?
Here at home (Bahamas) and on the world stage

We wish you the greatest success with your business!
Thanks a million

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