Jul 182011

What a wonderful class we had! The hospitality experienced with the class was top notch. Though most of the students had no previous painting experience, by the second day they were creating wonderful designs. Those who had an art background used the texture painting class to enhance their skills; their designs and products produced were blow you away amazing.


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  1. Class was fun! We did quite a lot in the short time. Really appreciative of your sharing your talents with us.

  2. Thanks Ms. Lloyd. Looking forward to seeing your completed masterpiece- don’t forget to send the photo.


  3. I had the best time in this class! Mrs. Bethel you were patient, kind and fun. I totally enjoyed your teaching/sharing. You brought out the artist in me. Thanks may God continue to bless your talented hands.

  4. How kind of you to say so, Lerice. I really had a great time too. Who ever thought we could have so much fun painting! I guess by the time I return to Exuma you would have both stores filled (or more) with your artistry. Go for it!


  5. class was great and lots of fun looking forward to another one

  6. Thanks Mrs. J. I can’t wait to see your lovely paintings on your bags. The Exuma straw market will be dancing with your beautiful designs. Hope to see you all soon!


  7. The class was awesome and I truly enjoyed every moment. Let’s do it again.

    Thanks Mrs. Bethel.

  8. Thanks Del. It was great having you in the class. It would be nice having another class with you ladies. You know how to paint and have fun without missing a blink.

  9. Hi Mrs. Bethel. Thankyou for sharing your talents with us, the class was awesome, I learnt so much in a short time,because of your teachings I found the artist in me. I am so excited now to continue to paint, my daughter is now planning and plotting to go to the next level, she can’t wait for another class. She is so proud of her artistry talents.Many thanks to you, for caring and sharing ,it has made a difference for me and my daughter, May God continue to bless you, Thankyou again, jackie

  10. It was my pleasure- I will be adding your class pics shortly…I’m so proud of you all. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality.


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