Feb 192012

Happy to have spent the week with you all! Enjoy the pics. Click on them to enlarge.

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Bahamas Handicraft Training- Instructor Teri M. Bethel

Handicraft training in Eleuthera Bahamas

texture painting class texture painting class

paint with texture paint flowers with texture


Handicraft Training- paint with texture texture painting

texture painting painting with texture


paint with texture craft association

texture painting texture painting


paint with texture texture painting

texture painting 1


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BAIC Handicraft Training with Teri M. Bethel

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26 fabric painting

fabric painting paint with texture

paint texture 27

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Bahamas Craft Associations- fabric painting 29

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36 Bahamas Craft Associations- Handicraft Training

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fabric painting 40

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painted fabric fabric painting

texture painting

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  1. I am thankful for all that you taught. Looking forward to having you back with 20 of my members of CASE in the VERY NEAR FUTURE!!!!!!!

  2. It was wonderful being with you all. You were great students and so hospitable. Thanks for the kindness shown.


  3. Hey I’m here too! LOL. Great class!!! I cant stop painting! This is so great,your imagination runs will this. When is the next class? Love u all Chrinstine.

  4. The classes were awesome! painting is my new hobby,I am just experimenting on every thing. thanks again mrs.B and come back soon .Sterlene Morley

  5. That’s wonderful…I hope you keep it up with your style of bags too. I think you are on to something there!


  6. My experience at painting with texture was both exciting and relaxing. Being a person of no artistic background and be able to paint what I did still amazes me. Thank you miss terry !!! I’m living proof of your saying that “you don’t have to be an artist to paint with texture” Hope to see you soon !!

  7. Camille you did a remarkable job- I’m proud of you. Keep up the great work!

    Ms. Teri

  8. I alway take a while to look back into time and I am alway stunning to see how talented we Bahamians are.It has been over a year now and the fiancial feedback of applying the painting technigue to various projects has been profitable.

  9. That’s so good to hear Stephanie. Keep up your excellent work and thanks for the update.

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