Sep 192012

It is said that what happens on the inside ultimately affects what happens on the outside; whether it’s our thoughts, our diet or our training. The greatest enemy we face is not our lack or physical opponents but perhaps our willingness to allow what other people think of us, our abilities and our products to fence in our progress.

Most people do not venture past the last word spoken to them or about them. They are held hostage, crippled by another person’s opinion. Whether their words are factual or not we do have the ability to change what is going on around us by first changing what is going on in us.

If our problem in knowledge based, then it just makes sense to get the necessary knowledge to stem the flood of lack of information in our lives. For many of us it is our intellect or what we believe we know that gets in the way. We have hit a plateau and do not develop because we believe that what we know is all that we need to know.

One of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves is the willingness to accept truth and apply knowledge. People who are genuinely teachable but are restricted in their traditional educational skills can in fact advance further than a person who believes they have arrived because of the certification letters that follow their names.

So what does this all have to do with design? Well, in design, concepts change even though principles may stay the same. To remain on the cutting edge and to advance in your field, it is worth considering your training options. Many of our solutions are tucked away in the lives of other people. Some are stored in books, some in training videos or live classes. The bottom line is this; there is no problem on earth that does not have a solution. The real issue is lack of right connections to the solution.

It has been said that the poorest man is not one who is without a cent, but one who is without a dream. Despite what you have heard; what is it that lays dormant in your heart? What dream do you have that has been knocking on the windows of your imagination for many years?

It’s time to unlock your dreams. Dust them off, water them with hope and a practical action plan. Seek any training you may need to avoid premature wilting and protect your dream from the clutches of the dream killers who sprinkle your mind with the “you can’t do that –it will fail” doctrine. This, my friend is a solution to your not being fenced in.

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