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Having come across numerous designers and artisans in my 20 plus years of artistry, I’ve come to recognize a few traits that are evident in the two basic types of “designers”. Take a stroll with me and see if you recognize any of these characteristics. But before pointing that finger at someone else, remember how many are still pointing towards you.

When I’m trying to develop myself in a particular area, I don’t try to convince myself of how right I am or how good I am. I simply take an honest look with a view of trimming away the dead branches in my life to make room for the healthy, flourishing ones. And to tell you the truth, the pruning process is not without some discomfort or pain. In any event our attitudes can prepare us to soar as designers or it can just make us look sorry. The choice is ours.

The mediocre designer says:  It’s good enough…

The successful designer says: It requires more work.

The mediocre designer says:  No-one will notice…

The successful designer says:  I see & I will correct it.

The mediocre designer says:   I can get by with that…

The successful designer says:  I’d like to improve that.

The mediocre designer says:   Who can see under here?

The successful designer says:  I use quality materials & workmanship even where you can’t see.

The mediocre designer says:   It’ll last long enough…

The successful designer says:  My product is created to last.

The mediocre designer says:   Someone will buy it…

The successful designer says:  It bear’s my name, I won’t sell it if it is not top quality.

The mediocre designer says:   If it breaks they’ll buy another…

The successful designer says:  If it’s well made I’ll have a life-time client.

The mediocre designer says:   I know how to do it, I don’t need to learn anything more…

The successful designer says:  When is the next class? I’ll never stop improving my craft.

The mediocre designer says:   I don’t like it, but who cares…

The successful designer says:  I love it and so will my clients.

The mediocre designer says:   So it broke, too bad…

The successful designer says:  So it broke, perhaps it can be repaired.

The mediocre designer says:   You let it get nasty, why don’t you clean it?

The successful designer says:  Can I suggest a great maintenance product?

The mediocre designer says:   You got what you paid for…

The successful designer says:  You made a great investment.

The mediocre designer says:    I knew you’d come in, my prices are cheap.

The successful designer says:   Thank you for coming in, I appreciate your business.

The mediocre designer says:     At this price let them cut their own threads…

The successful designer says:   We offer finished work.

The mediocre designer says:  You’re paying for my air conditioning.

The successful designer says:  I’m pleased that you are comfortable while you shop.

The mediocre designer says:  This ain’t Bubba’s Bargain Mart!

The successful designer says:  I’m unable to discount this product, but may I show you another item I am able to offer at a lower cost?

….So which one of these characters would your clients say best fits your description? The old saying, “your attitude will determine your altitude” is really worth considering. Just a thought for us “designers”… 

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  1. Thats what I’m sayin!way to handle it! I think if everyone handled it thi way they would accomplish more in the dys to becoming a professional crafter.Attitude!!!!Attiitude!!

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