Are you ready to learn the secret to painting incredibly easy

floral and abstract designs on fabric?

How to paint on fabric, shoes and clothes...

You can begin making incredible designs with texture in minutes with my simple fabric painting techniques...

Fabric Painting Tutorials- How to paint flowers.

Don’t think you can? I didn’t think I could do this either…

My name is Teri M. Bethel and I’m a self-taught textile artist/fabric painter. I’ve always loved colors and textures so it was a no-brainer for me to paint tee shirts as an expression of my artistry. Simple, right? Wrong! It was not as simple as I thought but with my husband’s encouragement (he made me feel like a genius artist) I bought loads of tee shirts and paints and began painting and selling them.

It felt as though I was in front of a firing squad!

Many sold but I hit a road block when I went to a local merchant hoping they would buy my beauties. What I got instead was a mouthful of hate from a very unkind store owner. It wasn’t what she said to me but how it was said. My tee shirts were wrong, the paints were wrong and my application sorely lacking. But instead of being offended, I decided to flip her negatives into a positive by learning how to paint on clothes and how to encourage people to be the best they could be in doing the same.

No internet or tutorials available at that stage of my life…

We didn’t have the internet back then so I did the only thing I knew to do. I flew to the USA to research the proper materials needed to create the designs I had in mind. Within a few months I was selling my painted clothing to a local boutique; a few months later, I opened my own boutique where we manufactured hand painted ladies resort wear. I could have quit after my first encounter with the heartless store owner but I decided to pursue my dream in spite of what she had to say. By the way, she did come to my store several times, her one-sided verbal attacks continued… she obviously didn’t see how I turned her critical outbursts into an overcoming growth serum (ha ha).

Paint on clothes with fabric paint.

So where did it get me?

These painting secrets have helped me to launch a line of wearable art garments, create custom artsy couture handbags & painted shoes to an A-list clientele, as well as to help to place my student’s purses and products in an enviable position…

Painting Tutorials

Where can this journey take you?

Glad you asked! As far as you would like to go and then some… You can begin painting phenomenal fabrics almost immediately… no experience necessary. Many of my students paint gorgeous fabrics for their handbags and clothing; others use my techniques to enhance their line of wall art for their souvenir gift shops and galleries. But whatever your dream, just be sure to know I’m in your corner cheering you on and providing the tools to help you take your products to a new level.

Easy tutorials- fabric painting

Now, it’s YOUR turn to put my techniques to work!

Here’s what you get when you order my hour long Textured Flowers DVD…

You get to know:How to Paint Textured Flowers DVD

  • What paints I use to paint my scrumptious designs
  • The best paint brushes paint your designs with texture
  • My recommended materials to create your designs
  • What surfaces you can create your art on (not just fabric y’all)
  • How to paint yummy leaves that want to pop off your surface
  • The quick & easy way to paint more than 5 of my gorgeous tropical flowers
  • How to compose your multi-flower design
  • How to ensure your designs remain permanently adhered to the surface
  • How to blend colors in your flowers & leaves
  • and more…

Bonus DVD (Advanced Painting included!)

But that’s not all you get… yes, there’s more. When you order my incredible, easy to paint Textured Flowers DVD tutorial you also get (FREE Of Charge) my Advanced Painting DVD! Here’s what I cover in this hour long power-packed collection:Advanced fabric painting tutorial.

  • What basic materials are used to create my backgrounds
  • How to use simple household tools to create extraordinary designs
  • Watch me demonstrate how to paint incredible background textures
  • How to format your background textures into a riveting stand-alone design
  • How to add the foil look to your surface
  • The secret to keeping your paints from peeling off your surface
  • How to compose your designs to paint a masterpiece
  • And so much more…

Check out what my first time students had to say about their painting experience…

  • “My experience at painting with texture was both exciting and relaxing. Being a person of no artistic background and being able to paint what I did still amazes me. Thank you Miss Terry !!! I’m living proof of your saying that “you don’t have to be an artist to paint with texture” C. Culmer
  • “Hi Teri, This course (painting) has opened a very new world of opportunities for me. The videos are just so good. Best thing that happened to me… Thank you so much Teri….for your guidance, it was a very motivating and an inspiring experience for me.” Sundermai
  • “My attention was kept and I never got bored. I surprised myself with what I was able to create. Many thanks.” S. Culmer
    “Wonderful!! Will recommend to friends. I hope to carry my craft work to a new level with paints. Mrs. Bethel makes it seem easy. No stress, no worries.” A. Bease 
  • “WOW! I have become an artist in only 4 hours – this is amazing. I am working on my hibiscus: I actually dreamt about hibiscus and I’m determined to get it right… I am quite pleased with my beautiful paintings.” C. Martin
  • “The class is very easy to follow and understand. It’s fun and motivating. It has stirred up dormant creativity within me.” L. Knowles
  • “Very informative- I was shocked with what I did with paint. I will be using it to make some money.” S. Gardiner
  • “I loved the class. It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me.” D. Benson
  • “An excellent course. The instructor’s instructions were clear and to the point.” M. Smith
  • “This course has been exciting and inspiring…” M. Rolle-Honore’ 

Advanced Texture Painting Class

Scroll down to order our amazing DVD with the Bonus or click here for our eBook "Flower Painting Basics" to begin your texture painting journey in minutes (bonus not included in eBook).

How to paint textured flowers.

What are you waiting for?

The only thing standing between you and the success you deserve is your decision. So now it’s up to you. You can, of course, go down the agonizingly slow road of learning by trial and error, facing costly mistakes and setbacks, and taking years to discover the secret to painting with texture. Or, you can start putting the winning techniques you’ll find in my Textured Flowers & of course my “Free” Advanced Painting DVD’s to transform your designs … 

Remember, you don’t have to:

  • Be an artist to paint with texture …
  • Pay someone else to paint your wares for you…
  • Go it alone… I’m teaching you each step of the way…
  • Take the hard road of teaching yourself (like I did)…
  • Invest lots of money to get started…
  • Put off your dreams another day…

Click on the blue “Buy Now” link to order your fabric painting tutorials now for only $149.97

Click here to buy now!

P.S This is your last chance. Will you step up to the plate swinging or will it just be another strikeout? Don’t you think you owe it to yourself? What have you got to lose? Don’t put off your fabric painting dream another minute.

Here’s to your Texture Painting Success...

Happy Painting!

Teri M. Bethel (Mrs.)

Design Instructor

  58 Responses to “How to Paint on Fabrics”

Comments (58)
  1. Hi Teri

    I was so excited to find you wesite, and then to receive your emails, I’m so excited about your offer , but I’m unable to accept your great offer. I’m not working right now and can’t afford the $24.99 monthly fee. I love the thought of designing my own bags,and shoes with your teaching, so I ask that you keep me in mind for any future offers.

    Thanks for everything.
    Theressa Turner

  2. Hello Theressa,

    Thank you for contacting me. Whenever you’re ready I’ll be here. In the meantime gobble up the articles on the site (Sitemap Page) and complete the free mini-course. It will be a great start for you when the time is right. If you are in the Bahamas, we may have a class coming to you soon courtesy of (BAIC) Bahamas Agricultural & Industrial Corporation.

    When you are on better footing signing up for a couple months would not only put you in a great place but it can be a wonderful home-based project to provide an income for you.

    All the best Theressa! Don’t give up. Hope to hear about your designs soon.


  3. Morning,
    Please let me know when the BAIC class will be. I can start there then sign up for additional tutorials.

  4. Hi Tiffany,
    The Nassau classes are from the 20-25 June from 6-10 pm. Plz contact BAIC for more information. You must register to attend- see you there.

  5. I will be signing up for your tutorial but would LOVE to be apart of the BAIC please tell me when it comes to Freeport …..

  6. Okay Ruth Ann- Enjoy the tutorial. I’ll also post the info for the classes on the site so keep in touch.

  7. Hi Teri,

    Was excited to read your story, great talent. Were you by any chance in Eleuthera some time ago at the resource center, Savannah Sound? By you making reference to Baic etc. my interest was peaked. I actually live in Pal.Point, and always seem to find out after the fact. Perhaps I could get some classes in Nassau during my summer vacation. Keep me posted.


  8. Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks much. No we’ve not been to Eleuthera yet- but we hope to be coming your way. I’ll post it on the site when we determine the schedule. In the meantime, it’s a good idea to register with BAIC to reserve your space. Let them know your interest. See you in class.


  9. Hello Teri

    Your work is Beautiful. Glad to hear that you will be teaching and sharing your knowledge via BAIC. Is there a pre-requiste required to taking the class? Should one know how to paint or it doesn’t matter?


  10. Hi Cherie,

    Thanks much. No experience required for the classes. Just register with BAIC, get your supplies and come on over.You’ll be painting by the end of your first class. I think you’ll have fun learning these easy techniques. In fact you’ll probably want to apply it to everything you come in contact with.

    Hope to see you in class- register today. Classes begin on Monday.

  11. Hi Terri,

    I just wanted to say thanks for imparting your wealth of knowledge by teaching the BAIC class. It has changed my life! I have been painting almost everyday since class ended.

    I have been approached by store vendors who wish to carry my new line (lol). Its amazing what the mind can achieve once you are open and think outside the box. I just want to paint everything I can get my hands on…leaves, wood, fabric, oh my goodness….its an amazing creative rush!!!


  12. Sherelene that is awesome! Go for it. I’m glad I was able to be used in stirring up all that creativity you have on the inside. I’m working on putting together a souvenir class also so I’ll let you know when that is available. All the best!


  13. Hi Teri,

    Please let me know when BAIC begins classes in Freeport, GB.

  14. Also I would love to sign up to do additional tutorial with you. Not ready financially ready at this time.

  15. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for your interest in our class. Sign up at BAIC’s office in GB. Once people begin to register, the Nassau office will begin to organize a class in your island. Looking forward to meeting with you in GB.


  16. Whenever you’re ready Elizabeth. The online classes work well with the live classes as you have 24/7 access to our video vault. Some of our students were so fired up in the classes that they went online and signed up too. They are now creating amazing designs.


  17. Teri I was so inspired by the class that has opened up my creative thinking and inspired me to incorporated all that was taught into my existing art. I am going to sign up for your tutorial and think that it is a minimal cost for such a great investment. Those who are out of work should take advantage of this opportunity to empower themselves with minimal start up cost. It is worth every dollar. Once again, Thank you so much Teri for sharing your talent, knowledge and skill with us. It is truly appreciated be me and I know many others.


  18. Kelly I can really see that the class was great for you. You came hungry for techniques and taking your product (Faces of The Bahamas) to a higher level and you got it. Your passion for excellence in your production shows and you are so open to learning which is a joy for any instructor who has a lot to share and looking to pour into eager students.

    I’m impressed with the fact that you, like many of my other students have seen the wisdom in following up with the membership videos & tutorials on the website. One class is great but follow ups with the videos will only help and for $24.99 it’s a give-away! Thank you for seeing and appreciating the value Kelly- I look forward to seeing how your product develops.


  19. Hi Terry

    I absolutely positively love the handbags on your website . If i become a member, do i also learn to make the handbags or is it just about painting? How long does it take to master the art?
    Best wishes

  20. Hello Schandana and thank you. The site is geared more towards the painting but has a few handbag making tips. I do offer private consultation for persons wishing to develop their handbags further.


  21. your story have really inspried me to do take these classes that you are haveing i hope to talk to you soon. My name is valencia lightbourne and i`m15years old got to go bye.

  22. So sweet of you to say so Valencia. I hope to see you in class too and painting beautiful designs for the world to see and enjoy! You’re never too young to dream big and have great accomplishments.

  23. Hi Teri, saw your article published in a magazine and was very impressed by your creativeness and the ease with which it is done. I have always had an interest in arts and craft. I would like to know what brand of paint do you recommend and if you have any favorite. Thanks

  24. Hello and thank you Janet. I see that you have also registered for the course, I look forward to sharing my painting insights and information with you. the paint info is in the course area and I have also followed up with a private email to answer your question.

    Happy Painting!

  25. How can I get the ebook. There seem to be a problem with clickbank

  26. Hi Teri am very interested in signing on with your online video course. How can I get subscribe outside of clickbank it seem to be unavailable?

  27. Hi Patrenda- Thank you for your interest. I just checked the link and it seems to be working fine. Perhaps you can try signing on a different browser. If you’re using Google you may want to try Firefox or another. For some reason this has made a difference with others signing up. Let me know how it goes.

  28. Hi Teri, how are you ? I have been trying to get in a class for a long time . I need to know when the next class is at BAIC or otherwise i was unable to sign online also . I also design bags and shirts so this will be a little expansion for me and there is always room for improvement. Looking forward to meeting you and doing the course. May God bless and keep you until then.

  29. Hi Audry,

    Thank you so much and blessings to you as well. For some reason some folks are having difficulty signing up with their browser. I would suggest you switching just for signing up and then you can go back to your regular browser if you wish. I use several when logging on to other sites also.

    So if you are using internet explorer, try Google chrome or Firefox or another. It seems random but it makes a difference on some computers. If you are in Nassau, you can sign up at Chevy’s for access to the same video tutorials. If you have any questions plz contact me at

    Also our next BAIC class is in Eleuthera- where are you located? Hope to talk soon.


  30. Are you coming to Trinidad and Tobago to do this course or is it only in the Bahamas.

  31. I wuld love join you r tutorial, but kinda live the caribean, an i do not hve credit card is there anoher posibility or payment. I love designing.

  32. Hello Susan,

    We would love to have you join us. You can pay for the online tutorial by Western Union. Once we have received payment you will have immediate access. Send to Teri M. Bethel, Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas. We would also need your (MTCN #) to be sent to when you have completed the transaction.

    All the best!

  33. Hello Cassandra,

    The classes are in the Bahamas at the moment. But if you want to put a group together in Trinidad, I would love to come to your beautiful country. If this is something you want to look into email me at

    Hope to talk soon.


    P.S. I visited T & T about 2 years ago…I fell in love with the roti!

  34. HI TERI



  35. Look forward to sharing with you Carlyn.


  36. Finally was able to view your amazing productions. WOW! They are fabulous. I have applied your paint textures technique to a few of my bags and the calabash, It is awesome how the color of the paint flow together. Read your article too. Thank you. How ‘s your calabash


  37. Thank you Stephanie- the techniques you learned will really make your bags pop! They are so beautiful.
    All the best,


  38. Mrs. Bethel; thanks so much for the online class. My head is spinning with ideas to enhance my business. You are so wonderfully talented and I’m so happy you’re sharing what God has blessed you with!

  39. Hi Teri, Is there a class scheduled at BAIC (Nassau) in coming months (hopefully soon). Please let me know at your earliest. Thanks for your response.

  40. Hi Ronnesha, no there isn’t a class scheduled for Nassau. But you are welcomed to take the online class. If you have any questions drop me a line.

  41. hi Teri,
    I am francisca, already received your tee shirt free tutorial, i like it very much,and already try too, a little dificult on embelishment, but next time better, i still think to join your course.
    The problem is, i don,t have the paint like you do, textile paint here is difficult to find, only 1-2 brand, like deco textile, L&B, idea, and them is not dimensional paint, so i make my dimensional paint myself ( my friend give me the formula).but i still have a problem, sometime you use mettalic paint too, like gold, silver, etc, i still not yet find the mettalic pigment, so if you can help me,how to make or find mettalic pigment/formula to make metallic textile paint, it was really helpfull
    Thank you
    NB; I live in Surabaya,East Java, Indonesia

  42. Hello Francisca,

    Glad you enjoyed the tutorial. I’ve never tried making dimensional paint before but I would imagine if you use the formula your friend gave and added a bit of the non-dimensional metallic paint to your mixture it may work.

    All the best,

  43. Hi Teri,
    I love crafty ideas – looking for something for my daughter other than ipad to do, especially for her summer school break. I would like to know if there is a tutorial for the handbags. I am also interested in the handbags like Schandana. SOS. I read your newspaper article dated June 6, 2012

  44. Hello Loletta,

    It is great to get the kids busy with fun but productive activities on their break. There is a Handbag course under the Make Handbags link. The free video shortie is at: Check it out to see if your daughter is old enough to follow- it’s quite simple but I don’t know her age. Kids of all ages love the fabric painting course. I am just a click away if there are any questions during the course.

    Thanks for reading the article. Have a great day!

  45. Hi Teri,
    this is just totally awesome. i’ve been looking for something artistic to do for a hobby and i think i have found it. i may even go as far as to say that i have found my second income. this idea is just what i need. i am planning to relocate to one of the family islands in the near future and i feel that this would be great hobby for enjoyment and for profit. i will be purchasing the tutorial on making clutch bags and then move onto the textile painting course. I can’t wait to get started.


  46. Wonderful Sharon,

    We’d love to have you join us.

  47. hello mam how are you?
    I am interested fashion desging now i m join college for fashion desging diploma soo plzzzzzz give me some suggestion about fashion

  48. Hi Teri, can’t wait to sign-up for the class again to learn some more techniques. Happy Holidays from the US and the Best to You and Family in the New Year.

  49. Thank you Dianne- Merry Christmas to you and yours also. I look forward to having you back in class in the new year.

  50. its amazing

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