Clutch Purse Tutorial


Making Fab Envelope Styled Clutch Purses

Just got Easier!


Make Easy Envelope Clutch Purse

With my purse tutorials you can create a stunning clutch purse in no time!

It really doesn’t matter if your style is over the top or very reserved, you can begin making the perfect clutch purse today!

Here’s what a first time purse student said about our tutorial:

“Taking this course was not only an investment in myself but also my future. One of the best decisions I have made! Informative, fun, simple and to the point.” Earla Rahming

After learning our techniques, within hours students are able to create and sell her fabulous signature style clutch purses with ease.

Create easy envelope clutch purses.


Our techniques are simple. You will learn how to:

  • Design your Clutch Purse
  • Create Patterns
  • Select Fabric & Materials
  • Maximize interior bag space to fit more goods
  • Cut & Sew Your Purse
  • Install your twist closure
  • Sew your binding

Sewing Machine: Portable/Domestic

Supply List: Purse Making Supply Link

Level of Difficulty: Easy

DVD Length: Almost 2 hours

Clutch Purse DVD Tutorial










From start to finish and everything in between you will be amazed with what you can create with our simple clutch purse tutorial. 

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We love to hear from our students. Be sure to let us know how you are progressing with your clutch purses.


All the best!

Teri M. Bethel (Mrs.)

Handbag Designer/Instructor







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