May 302011
Painting Rosettes

Video- 25:39 mins. Perhaps this could be considered a signature flower of mine. It’s the one that is most requested in my designs and is what students in our live painting classes learn first. By following these simple instructions you can also learn to paint this flower in a matter of minutes. Painting a flower probably has never been so […]

May 302011
How to Paint a Hibiscus

Video- 25:49 mins. The hibiscus is an all-time favorite of mine. This was the absolute top seller in my painted garments boutique. They are quick, easy and loved by most. Once you change the colors and a few other little things, you have a completely different look with a solid practical design. This video ¬†illustrates a quick and easy technique […]

May 302011
How to Paint a Leaf

Video- 16:06 mins. Okay this is a simple as it gets…even though it looks as though I toiled for hours. You could be painting this leaf in a matter of minutes- no kidding! This video shares the basic techniques in painting single and multi-color leaves. Use this technique as a stand-alone design or place along with your favorite flower design. […]

May 292011
Basic Strokes

Video- 11:04 mins. Our basic stroke is foundational in creating amazing textured designs in the Teri Monique painting style. With this stroke you are off to a great start with your flowers, backgrounds….just about everything you will learn here. So saddle up and get those paint brushes handy cause you’re in for a treat.