Sep 162011
Using Puff Paints

Puff paints or “puffy” as some call it have been around for many years. I remember using them in my early painting days as I manufactured ladies garments, then my interest in the puff look waned. That’s until now. For some reason I’m drawn back to the puff paint with a fresh appreciation. So I thought I would share this […]

May 302011
Painting Daisies

Video- 26:59 mins. The most simple of designs “pop” with this simple daisy flower. This is probably the class favorite. Whether you use one or multiple colors this whimsical  flower is so easy to paint you’ll want to paint it on anything that would sit still! How about using this design on your table scarf or throw pillows. 

May 302011
Painting Sunflowers

Video- 21:15 mins. I will call these flowers sunflowers because of their vibrancy; the way they light up my designs where ever they go. So sunflower it is! The beauty of these flowers is that they are adaptable; if you change the color you change the look and the season. Try this one at Christmas time for a poinsettia look. […]