May 302011
Developing a Grey on Grey Textured Design

2 Part Video- 40:59 mins. Developing a design does not take a special gifting; just the ability to follow simple instructions and apply basic techniques.  As you watch this video you will learn how to build a design one stroke at a time. Did you ever just want a design with minimal colors but still have textures, design elements and […]

May 292011
Building a Textured Design

2 Part Video- 37:44 mins. Shapes, textures & color… put it all together with just the right amount of swag and you got yourself a design. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of texture to take your design to another level. Watch just how to do that in this video as this design is built one stroke at […]

May 292011
Developing Textured Designs

3 Part Video-  67:07 mins. Learn how to paint two different floral designs here. This is where you will learn to put basic design elements together to create your awesome designs. First to create and then to give it an aged look. Take a peek if you like but if you haven’t gone through the basics yet you may want […]