Feb 072013
Make a One Piece Purse Strap

Video: 15 mins. Learn this quick and easy method of making a fabric strap for your handbag with a single piece of fabric. When your tote requires a simple, sturdy but effective handle that does not send you to the store, simply pull out the fabric and begin sewing your classic handle.

Oct 162012
Making A Paper Clutch Purse

2 Part Video 49 mins. As promised here is a tutorial on using your paper to make a cute little clutch purse. If you were in the painting class then you saw this in the making. It’s just amazing what you can do with just a little bit of paper and a cool idea.

Sep 282012
Making a Sisal Applique

Video- 13:07 mins. There are times you will want to add a special touch to your design using different materials. Some of these materials are best used on surfaces as an applique. In this video you will see how to quickly make a decorative sisal applique that can be applied to your purse or decorative item.

Oct 242011
Fully Enclosed Purse

6 Part Video- 113:38 mins. This is a must see video for making a Teri Monique styled handbag. Making a purse of this nature is fairly simple and can be achieved using various materials. If you are not familiar with making a pattern and haven’t watched “Making an Enclosed Purse Pattern” it would be helpful to do that first.  Our […]