May 212014
Making a Leatherette Clutch Purse

5 Part Video- Approximately 97 mins. A leatherette clutch purse is a super fashion accessory to have. The fun part of making your clutch is that you can choose a variety of colors. Black is a must have but what about a banana yellow or caramel brown….the choices are endless especially when they are embellished with straps and studs.

Apr 292013
Flap Top Clutch Purse

Video: 7 minutes approx. Here’s a quick tip for making a flap top clutch purse without the scores & creases. Use the same method you learned in our standard purse videos with the exception of the last score mark. This purse is still to be made with the binding which makes assembling it easy and manageable.

Oct 162012
Making A Paper Clutch Purse

2 Part Video 49 mins. As promised here is a tutorial on using your paper to make a cute little clutch purse. If you were in the painting class then you saw this in the making. It’s just amazing what you can do with just a little bit of paper and a cool idea.

Oct 052011

Video- 4:59 mins. There are a few tools you may want to have in your ever growing arsenal of sewing and craft tools. I’ve put this clip together to help you identify some of the items you may see me using from time to time.  The tools I am referring to are for the Teri Monique style purses which we […]

Jun 102011

Video 8:48 mins. This is where you can really give your purse an upward lift. A good, well applied binding is a necessity in creating a professionally finished product. On the other hand a poorly applied binding of inferior material tends to bring an otherwise nifty design on its heals

Jun 082011
Twist Lock Closures

In addition to making your purse a functional breeze to operate, purse closures can really add value & beauty. Move beyond the velcro and button fasteners to add real value to your product. Twist locks come in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes.