May 212014
Making a Leatherette Clutch Purse

5 Part Video- Approximately 97 mins. A leatherette clutch purse is a super fashion accessory to have. The fun part of making your clutch is that you can choose a variety of colors. Black is a must have but what about a banana yellow or caramel brown….the choices are endless especially when they are embellished with straps and studs.

May 152014
How to Make a Tubular Purse Handle

2 Part Video- approx 23 minutes. Did you ever want to make a simple handcrafted classic purse handle that looks store bought? Well now you can make one with our easy tutorial. Add the bells and whistles or keep it simple; either way it looks really good.

Dec 092013
Making a Straw Bag

6 Part video. Approx. 2 1/2 hrs. Isn’t it amazing what you can create with a few of nature’s products. Take this purse for example, it was made from the fronds of a straw plant (top) which was grown in the Bahamas. Skilled artisans plait many designs for use on their bags and household products. In this video we’re going […]

Nov 222013
Make a Structured Purse

8 Part Video. Approx. 4 1/2 hours. Did you ever wonder why your bag came out twisted or perhaps had an awkward dent in the back? Are you just tired of your purse losing it’s shape and value after a few months of use? Perhaps it’s your techniques or even your materials. In this video series you will see how […]