Oct 022013
Francina Micklewhyte

  Meticulous is a great word to describe Francina Micklewhyte  when it comes to creating her handbags. After only a few weeks of making purses, D’Cina handbags looks as though she’s been at it creating purses for years. D’Cina’s product range is wonderfully creative from basic fabric totes to custom

Sep 272013
Alayna Evans

Alayna Evans is an artist at heart. She loves all things creative and adds just enough color and bling to her products to get your fashion juices flowing. Just three months ago Alayna showed up with her sewing machine for class. It was still in the box…unopened. She didn’t want

Sep 262013
Felecia Walkes

  One of our most remarkable students ever is Felecia Walkes. She’s never in a rush to finish an assignment but places great emphasis on completing an excellent product. While many students are content with taking one or two levels of classes Felecia has remained focused in absorbing all the

May 102012
Designer Dianne Edwards

Dianne Edwards of  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA is a fashion designer who is passionate about taking her craft to new levels. I was contacted by Dianne concerning the Paint with Texture tutorials I offer online. Dianne’s immediate interest was learning how to paint with texture so she signed up for the class without