May 152014
How to Make a Tubular Purse Handle

2 Part Video- approx 23 minutes. Did you ever want to make a simple handcrafted classic purse handle that looks store bought? Well now you can make one with our easy tutorial. Add the bells and whistles or keep it simple; either way it looks really good.

Feb 102014
Painting the Yellow Bag

3 Part Video approx. 48 mins. So here’s the yellow bag that I’ve been promising to paint for some time. It’s hard to believe I didn’t add more colors to it. I wanted my students to see how easy it is to paint a purse with these basic colors so I flipped the video cam on to invite you in. Whether […]

Dec 152013
Paint an Abstract Coconut Tree

Video approx. 7 minutes. Looking for a neat tropical accent to your design? This video was created with my souvenir students in mind. I know you’re looking for quick designs for your shell craft and magnets so how about a coconut tree. Now you can add to your line of flowers, butterflies, boats and fish.  With a few basic strokes you can […]