Oct 032011
Attaching Purse Sides

Video- 11:04 mins. Once you’ve completed your purse you need to take a few minutes to assemble it by attaching its sides. Watch video demonstration of the sides of this firm bodied purse being attached. This quick and easy techniques gives a clean, professional finish you can be proud of.

Oct 012011
Multi-colored Grid Texture

Video- 5:08 mins. Any grooved texture adds loads of character to a design but when you add several at one time it’s something to really feast your eyes upon. Oh, and by the way, with the right colors this painted design looks like an amazing faux skin handbag when you’re done. Hmmm, how about a pair of matching shoes

Oct 012011
Multi-colored Reverse Stippling

Video- 4:24 mins. Learn the how to stipple the Teri Monique way to create amazing designs. Stippling is an age old technique that has been applied to many types of surfaces including walls and furniture. But who would’ve thought that this technique would be so effective on fashion accessories, home decor and craft. As always the videos take you step […]

Sep 162011
Using Puff Paints

Puff paints or “puffy” as some call it have been around for many years. I remember using them in my early painting days as I manufactured ladies garments, then my interest in the puff look waned. That’s until now. For some reason I’m drawn back to the puff paint with a fresh appreciation. So I thought I would share this […]