Oct 242011
Fully Enclosed Purse

6 Part Video- 113:38 mins. This is a must see video for making a Teri Monique styled handbag. Making a purse of this nature is fairly simple and can be achieved using various materials. If you are not familiar with making a pattern and haven’t watched “Making an Enclosed Purse Pattern” it would be helpful to do that first.  Our […]

Oct 172011
Altering a Painted Design

Video- 6:03 mins. This was a great example of altering a design that you have painted and allowed to dry. This fabric was painted a while back but it did not really have the zip I wanted it to have so I sidelined it, until now. Using the techniques I use for burnishing my art work, I transformed it with […]

Oct 112011
Choosing a Sewing Machine for Making Purses

The first thing you can consider when looking for a sewing machine for making a purse is what level of sewing are you looking at. Is it for fun or are you starting a business? If it’s for just the casual purse making venture then you may want to purchase a good home sewing machine. If your sewing pursuits are more on the profit making side, an industrial machine is highly recommended.

Oct 062011

Video- 23:16 mins. Now that you’ve seen how to make a quick sketch of your purse, it’s time to mark and cut your pattern. Once you know the basics making the Teri Monique style purse, you can adapt the purse pattern to create a number of designs. It’s quite easy to do with our step-by-step instructions. So let’s

Oct 052011

Video- 4:59 mins. There are a few tools you may want to have in your ever growing arsenal of sewing and craft tools. I’ve put this clip together to help you identify some of the items you may see me using from time to time.  The tools I am referring to are for the Teri Monique style purses which we […]

Oct 052011
Laying Out an Enclosed Purse

Video-  23:59 Purse making & design is easier than it really looks when it is approached in a simple step-by-step fashion. Watch the unfolding of the simple steps to laying out a fully enclosed purse. There is no need for confusion and you don’t have to be a fashion illustrator or an artist to design your purses.