Jun 242015
Sewing Machine Requirements for Making Structured Purses

Who says you need an industrial sewing machine to create fabulous structured handbags? These beauties can be made with domestic or industrial machines; you just need to know what features are best suited for the task. Having the right equipment can make your sewing project a breeze. If it’s an

May 292014
Repainting a Purse

1 Part video. Approx. 58 mins. If you ever had a purse or a product that you once loved but thought that it needed a facelift. Well that’s how I felt about this purse. It was great for a while but now it needed to be spiced up a bit….habanero style! This exercise is simply to show you

May 212014
Making a Leatherette Clutch Purse

5 Part Video- Approximately 97 mins. A leatherette clutch purse is a super fashion accessory to have. The fun part of making your clutch is that you can choose a variety of colors. Black is a must have but what about a banana yellow or caramel brown….the choices are endless especially when they are embellished with straps and studs.